Interview | Andrew J. Ferchland (English Version)

Andrew J. Ferchland, now aged 30, has played just the Anointed One, the worthy successor of the Master, in seasons 1 and 2. For Buffy Angel Show, he returned to his memories of filming and gives us some Anecdotes unpublished. It also gives us the background of his thoughts on the HD version of Buffy and enlightens us about the death of his character.

Thank you to him for agreeing to participate in our interview…

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J. Ferchland aux côtés de Juliet Landau à la Whedonopolis (avec Harry Groener, Keith Szarabajka et Camden Toy)

You have 10 years at the time when you have interpreted « The anointed one » in the show. How was the cast and crew with you? and Joss Whedon ?

The cast and crew were wonderful to work with. Great filmmakers like Joss understand that filmmaking is so collaborative, he was always open to whatever I brought to the character, I felt very supported in my work. I didn’t actually get to work with too many of the cast for great lengths of time since being the bad guy I spent most of my time in that underground cathedral. Mark Metcalf was tremendous, and I enjoyed our scenes together. I recently ran into Juliet Landau at Whedonopolis and it was great catching up with her, she’s just so ridiculously nice.

Your character dies prematurely at the beginning of season 2, so we expected to see more time on the screen. Did you know what was originally planned for your character ?

I’m not sure what the original idea was in regards to my character. I knew going into season one as a recurring role that I would be there through most of the season. When we started shooting we didn’t know there was going to be a season two since the show hadn’t even aired yet. During hiatus when we were picked up for season two I was contacted to return as the anointed one, I knew then that they planned to kill me off shortly into the beginning of the next season.
I was actually really excited about that because I had never died in any of my other roles before, and I thought that would be a really cool experience as an actor to be able to have.


Would you have liked play more scenes in the show ?

I felt that as I was getting close to dying in season two that my character was really just starting to hit his stride, getting one liners and final quips. « I hate that girl. » Etc. It was starting to feel playful to me, and I was enjoying the role. I would have enjoyed more time to really play in the character, but I feel that the death was correct in its timing and it really served the story well.

You will interpret a vampire in the show. Nevertheless, we have never seen you with a vampire mask on the screen. Why ?

I can’t answer that question with complete authority, but my best guess is that it was business related. As a child actor you have limits on how long you can work on set, due to state regulations and union rules. Vampire makeup would take hours to apply, and my time to work was valuable, half my day could have been spent in the makeup chair instead of shooting. I had teeth made, and we did a scene with them in once, but in the end they chose the alternate version without them. Somewhere out there is footage with the Anointed One with teeth, I’m sure it’ll come out someday.

Follow you Buffy when broadcast ? If so, do you have a favorite episode ?

Watching my self is always cringeworthy, I’m too close to it so I can’t really enjoy it. I always remember a better take, or a choice I made didn’t play the way I really wanted it to etc. As the years have gone by I’m way more forgiving of my self and I can actually enjoy projects I’ve been in as long has some time has passed.

You gave your opinion about HD Buffy. What do you dislike about this version ?

As an actor I always respected the hard work the crews and filmmakers put into their work. As a filmmaker now I appreciate it that much more. Filmmaking is a collaborative art form that requires thousands of hours of planning, writing, shooting, and finally editing. Dozens to hundreds of people have put their mark on a project in small and large ways and it’s a labor of love. I feel, respectfully, that based on what I’ve seen from the HD versions that the changes in color tone, framing, and other strange additions have tarnished the original footage. Instead of cleaning and updating a classic, they did a quick scan and tossed it on a disk. It’s unfortunate, perhaps one day a classic version will be released in HD.



Since 1993 you have multiplied the roles when you were a child. Is it difficult to grow in the world of television? How behaved friends with you ?

Acting as a child was a wonderful way to grow up. I loved the experience, I loved the work, I thoroughly enjoyed traveling and being able to experience the world the way I did all those years. I had some acquaintances who were also child actors and I enjoyed my time with them when we audition or worked together on different projects, but most of my time I spent with friends outside of the business. They didn’t treat me any differently as far as I can tell, and we had great times just being kids.

Since 2015 you went behind the camera. Do you prefer the job of Assistant Director to actor ? What are your current and future projects ?
I love being on set, that’s my only focus. The environment of intense creative collaboration is addictive. I love acting, it’s a great experience and when opportunities present themselves I’m more than happy to don my wardrobe and step back in front of the camera. As a filmmaker, in whatever capacity I’ve taken on for that day, it’s just as enjoyable to me. the challenges and roles may be different but I find just as much joy in it. As an actor you spend a lot of time alone, you’re a guest at someone else’s house. Working with a crew, you’re part of a family of people who work together on a more regular basis, it’s playful. 
My company MonkeySuit Productions is currently developing a short named The Heart I Long For. I’m helping to produce it, along with the rest of my co-producers. The script is finished, we’re currently in pre-production and moving towards getting a cast together in the next few months. I look forward to sharing more news as we get cast locked in.