Buffy 20 years of slaying | Les acteurs et les membres du staff s’expriment sur les Réseaux Sociaux


Tout au long de la journée du 10 Mars, les acteurs et les membres du staff se sont exprimés sur les réseaux sociaux et particulièrement sur Twitter, où ils ont rendu hommage à la série et se sont répondus les uns aux autres. C’était particulièrement stimulant pour notre équipe rédactionnelle de les suivre durant cette journée d’anniversaire. Voici une partie non exhaustive des extraits de leurs messages, parmi lesquels ceux de Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, Charisma Carpenter, Anthony Stewart Head, James Marsters, Juliet Landau, Julie Benz (Darla), Alexis Denisof, Michelle Trachtenberg, Danny Strong, Clare Kramer (Gloria), Amber Benson, Emma Caufield, Charlie Weber (Ben), Seth Green, Eliza Dushku, Felicia Day (Vi), Andrew J. Ferchland (Le Juste des Justes), James C. Leary (Clem), Armin Shimerman (Snyder), Tom Lenk (Andrew), Adam Bush (Warren), mais aussi Jane Espenson, Marti Noxon, Steven S. DeKnight, Drew Z. Greenberg, Matt Van Dyne et même Joss Whedon. Même de petits acteurs ayant joué une fois dans la série ont rendu hommage à la série comme Meredith Salenger (Grace Newman) – Rob Benedict (Jape).

Happy 20th Anniversary #buffythevampireslayer #ImGettinOld

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Here’s to another 20 years of fucking and sucking #buffyslays20

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Happy 20 year #anniversary to #buffythevampireslayer. I was 14 when I was cast for season 5 as #dawn. The sister #buffy never had. Oh. And the key to mankind’s survival. No big. I learned so much from watching the cast, and watching Sarah kill it (pun intended). I grew 5 inches during the course of the show. I always wished the magic shop was real. I sang a song about anchovies on pizza, because one of our writers loved anchovies and her favorite pizza chain had just taken them off the menu because they weren’t a popular topping. And she thought if Dawn sang: « Anchovies anchovies you’re so delicious, I love you more than all the other fishes! » That they might put them back on the menu. Problem was. I hate anchovies. So I came up with the idea that we can make shiitake mushrooms look like anchovies (cue everyone zooming in on the pizza I’m holding in that scene). There was the time Buffy had to tackle Dawn and my padded bra blocked her closeup, and I knew it was time to accept that my boobies would come in time just not at that time. There was the time I had no idea what « Hogwarts » was, and when I asked during rehearsal what that was, you could hear a pin drop cuz everyone was so shocked I didn’t know; by the time I got back to my trailer after filming the scene, Joss had sent his assistant to get me the first couple of books and he signed it, so now I have to have JK Rowling sign it and my inner child will rejoice. There was the time Joel Grey sang to me my favorite song from Cabaret ‘the key’ before his character tried to kill me. Oh. And there was the time we were all a part of a great show that meant something to so many people. That is fucking cool. Thank you to all of the fans, you slay us. And if you go out to celebrate tonight. Be back before Dawn. 💜🗝⚰

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